Monday, November 5, 2012

Time Flies : Week 28

We are deep into the Fall, and Olivia is showing so much interest in the world around her.  We went to a Halloween party and had a great visit when Ella, Becky, and Corey came to town.  The highlight of the week was the Miss CSU pageant!

Swinging at the park for the first time.

Checking things out on her playmat.

Sweet blue-eyed baby girl.

Cuddling with Uncle Corey.

Contributing to her perpetual orange nose.

Learning all of Ella Mae's tricks.

Car seats were not designed with tails in mind.

The camera-shy skunk.

We closed out the weekend watching my cousin 
Sophie be crowned as Miss Charleston Southern!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Stinky Halloween

Halloween 2012
Because babies dressed up as dirty animals 
may be the most adorable thing of all time.

Livi the Skunk

And no, she is not standing on her own.  (Thanks Pop-Pop Scott!)

The tail.  Oh, the tail.

Don't let her fool you.  She loves to be stinky.

Six months old and already breaking hearts.

It appears as if she is trying to escape.
Could anyone blame her?

**Thank you Jill for lending Lydia's gear!**