Tuesday, March 25, 2014

El-pants and I-gulls

Some friends of ours kindly invited us along to the B-List circus over the weekend.  Olivia has never been so excited about anything for a prolonged period of time!  I think she is getting to the stage where she is beginning to understand the concept of past, present, and future.  

She talked about the el-pants (elephants) and i-gulls (tigers) all day.  I asked her what elephants eat, and she confidently replied, "dog food."  She did also inform me that tigers eat grass.

They had several extra tickets, so we invited Giga and Poppy along for the show.

I'll admit, it was all a bit overwhelming.

Jed arrived and they checked out the elephants for a few more minutes, and then we went inside the big top to wait, wait, and wait some more.  We arrived at 3:45 p.m. as suggested, and the show began 30 minutes late at 5:00 p.m..  Uncle Buddy gave Livi some spending money, so we thought it would be a good idea to upgrade our free seats.  It was.

While we waited, Giga thought it would be a great idea to introduce Livi to cotton candy.  She is a very skeptical child, and was nervous about her first bite, but then she couldn't get enough.  She thought it was so funny that she got to rip it off in pieces.  

 This is what I looked like in middle school, plus 100 pounds and really jacked up teeth.

We made it to the intermission and then were too restless to continue, but I think if we hadn't waited so long for the show to start, she would have made it.  She was enthralled by every act!  This is such a fun age!  Thanks again Knights for the awesome day!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring in Our Step

Our first Spring morning of 2014 began like this:

And ended like this:

We really can't complain.  Everyone else has been buried under twelve feet of snow since November, and we're unhappy about the incessant rain in the 50's, in March.  But we're almost there!  And we enjoyed some free Rita's tonight to celebrate.  She loved it.

Monday, January 27, 2014

It's A...

We went to Continental Corner to open the envelope together.  We've gone there to celebrate almost every major occasion since we've known each other.  I highly recommend doing this rather than finding out during the actual ultrasound.  It gave us both a chance to really freak out together and it was just our moment in one of our favorite places, and turned out to be one of my best-loved memories since we've been married.  The pure ecstasy in Ben's face when he saw it was a girl was incredible!  We found out with our families and a gender reveal cake with Olivia, and I feel like I was more present in the moment this time around.

All of that to say, in June we will be welcoming another Scott girl into our family!  We had a blast keeping it a secret from pretty much everyone for the first 22 weeks.  We did tell our families around Christmas, but we wanted to wait to spill the beans until we knew what we were having.

Olivia is thrilled!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

That's What You Call Vintage

We finally took Livi's photos in Ben's family's Christening gown.  Olivia wasn't christened, but we thought it would be fun to have some pictures in the heirloom gown, which is over 100 years old!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Olivia Kellenbenz

Ben really hates this outfit.  He says it looks like a costume.  While I might tend to agree, I think it is precious on Olivia and I wanted to have some poor-quality over-edited amateur pictures before she grows out of it.  Seventeen of the best months of our lives are all wrapped up in this little German-girl dress.

And one for the #highlightreal

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Salad

I am a major blue cheese lover.  Put blue cheese in dog treats and I'd eat em'.  Enter, Buffalo Chicken Salad.  

I'm sure this has been done a million times before, but this is just my thrown-together version.  It is so fast and easy, there is virtually zero prep, and can be adapted to any spice/heat preference.

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Disclaimer: We are MAJOR whimps when it comes to heat in our food.  This is a very very mild version, obviously just add more hot sauce to your liking.

- 2 Tbsp Butter
- 3-4 Tbsp Franks Hot Sauce
- One small red onion, chopped
- One pepper (any variety) chopped
- One pound chicken breast, chopped
- Loads of blue cheese
- Tortillas (if desired)
- Salad Greens
- Desired Dressing

1.  In a skillet, melt 2 tbsp of butter, and add desired amount of hot sauce.
2.  Saute garlic, onions, and peppers until soft, about five minutes.
3. Add chicken, cook thoroughly.  Allow to cool before placing on salad greens.
4.  Load up with blue cheese and enjoy!

*I coated my tortillas with oil before baking them.  It gave them a nice crunch.
*I made a quick homemade vinaigrette of vinegar, hot sauce, and olive oil.  It was pretty tasty!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Livi Lately

For all of you Aunties and Great Aunties who keep asking for an update :)

The bedtime trifecta: Blankee, binkie, Minnie. 
Very proud for putting on her bib all by herself! 
Many days she will spend almost 30 minutes "reading" to herself.
She loves playing up in her room!
In our tiny house it adds some variety :)

Waiting for Micah!
What was actually happing during Micah's photoshoot...

We are heading up to Maryland this week for my cousin Jennifer's wedding!  Ben will be holding down the fort while we're gone.  All four of the cousins on my (Kellenbenz) side of the family will be together for the first time, bringing lots of noise joy to their Great-Grandfather Bowen :)

Have a great week!