Monday, March 25, 2013

Time Flies : Week 48

This week was pretty standard.  Ben was out of town for part so we juggled and made do like we have been practicing.  It is fun being together, just us two, but we sure do love it when he comes home!  Hank is always on high alert when he is watching out for his leading ladies, so he sleeps for a full day once his master returns...

Making do without Daddy...
Hank now very well understands what happens when he waits patiently during mealtimes.

Little Miss is becoming increasingly mobile in her crib,
which means finding her in wonderfully interesting positions!
Her "Apple Bottom" clearance tights from Old Navy.
Channeling her inner Carrie Davis ;)
My little hood rat still loves crashing around in her walker.
The best part of Ben being gone is seeing the pure bliss that follows his return!