Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our Steady

I've always been somewhat of a constant wanderer.  On track but all the while thinking about what else I could be doing, zero-to-sixty for the next exciting thing.  Then comes along a man so driven by the calling in his heart, a longtime lover of same-ness.  

My Ben has always been the consistent, long distance dreamer.  He keeps my "un-realisticness" in check at all times, but with a gentle reminder, on occasion he will let my mind run wild again.

It turns out I'm not the only one who needs a steady.  It's amazing to see the way God created him--with the most perfect skill set for what he does.  His heart is based on rythym.  He leads by following, by setting the tone and keeping things in line...literally, marching to the beat of his own drum.  He is the road map.  They depend on him, but it is his job to make everyone else sound good and look better.  There is no room for flashiness, and he knows it.  He understands by now, that what brings home a paycheck and more gigs to boot is this humility, being the backer, being the steady.  And he's good at it.  He doesn't look for the glory, he just wants to deliver the best product, every single time.  To Ben, being on time is being late.  He is dependable, and prepared.  God wired him to be this way, and he excels consistently.  

(I'm sorry, but I'm really, really proud of him.)

Much greater than usefulness between the 2 and the 4, I know that his steadiness will benefit Olivia.  It already has.  This first year hasn't been easy.  She has been mega-blessed to have loads of time at home with her Daddy during the day, and she thrives on the boundaries he has placed on her life.  She doesn't even realize yet--but just like her mom, her steady is her greatest love.  Her steady, the one that tucks her in most nights, and makes certain to put her blankey just the way she needs it, the one that combs all the crusties out of her hair, the one that makes sure she's buckled in just right...her steady is right where she needs him.  

Happy Father's Day Benjamin--We love you way, way more than you'll ever know.

These were taken after the real photoshoot.
Dads are for cuddling cold babies.


I say all of this and more on Fathers Day, because God gave me a trait in a husband that I could never even dream of.  My dad has this in common with Ben, and it was something I couldn't conceptualize until later in life.  I couldn't think of any better gift to give Olivia than to grow up with a man whose life goal is to labor only to make others succeed.  Years later, I now realize my Dad was and is always focused on someone else.  Happy Father's Day to my own incredible Dad!  Maybe us brats could do something nice for you for once ;)

Another is a testament to what God says about fathers: Ben has learned his professionalism by osmosis through his dad, also a professional musician.  He is on the bench, most times before the sun rises, preparing for the weighty task of leading the church in worship.  He is an unbelievable music teacher, changing lives through quarter notes and piano labs.  It all makes sense as to why Ben loves to be in the background, that is what his Dad taught him to do; it is the only way to be.  Happy Fathers Day Richard!!