Monday, January 27, 2014

It's A...

We went to Continental Corner to open the envelope together.  We've gone there to celebrate almost every major occasion since we've known each other.  I highly recommend doing this rather than finding out during the actual ultrasound.  It gave us both a chance to really freak out together and it was just our moment in one of our favorite places, and turned out to be one of my best-loved memories since we've been married.  The pure ecstasy in Ben's face when he saw it was a girl was incredible!  We found out with our families and a gender reveal cake with Olivia, and I feel like I was more present in the moment this time around.

All of that to say, in June we will be welcoming another Scott girl into our family!  We had a blast keeping it a secret from pretty much everyone for the first 22 weeks.  We did tell our families around Christmas, but we wanted to wait to spill the beans until we knew what we were having.

Olivia is thrilled!

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