Monday, October 22, 2012

Time Flies : Week 26

Personality, personality, personality!  Little girl is growing up so quickly, I can't hardly stand it.  She spent a day at Giga and Pop's, and is really loving her walker these days.  Our marathon six week(end)s finally ended with a quick day trip to Florence, SC to watch Ben, Micah, and Ethan back the insanely talented Miss Ella Mae Bowen.  Olivia behaved herself and even made a few new friends.  It felt so good to head back home knowing we had a bit of a break in the immediate future.

Hammin' it up in the Arizona room at Giga & Pop's.  
(Photo courtesy of Mom's brick)

She loves having Hankie up by her face so much that we had to take him away at nighttime.  
All good things must come to an end, sister. 

"Ruby red lips, blonde hair, blue eyes!" Name that tune, 90's country fans.

Eating something, probably sweet potatoes!  
(Photo courtesy of Mom's brick)

Ben getting ready for work, Liv getting ready to party, 
and Mom getting ready to finish work!

Sometimes it is hard to think of captions, especially two months later!

Olivia and Ella Mae = BFF's.  And both wearing cute dresses.

Patty cake for Minnie, maybe.

"Now see here now..." @JamesGalloway...

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