Monday, February 11, 2013

Time Flies : Week 42

Week 42 flew by like all the rest.  I cannot believe we are ten weeks away from a year spent with this girl.  She still isn't crawling, instead she flails around to get where she needs to go.  We tried a new spot in town, EVO Bakery, on Wednesday morning.  We biked over there around 7:30 and spent an hour enjoying the sights and sounds of the bakery before we started the day.  It has been fun to get out and enjoy the mild weather this week!

Playing on Mommy's bed while she gets ready for work.

Begging for a bite of something...

Tiny hands make the sweetest fingerprints on our bedroom window.

Riding through Costco, one of our favorite past-times.

Spending the day at Granny's house!

These blonde and black eyelashes get me every time!

Playing among Daddy's gear-tropolis with her own instruments from Uncle Buddy!