Monday, April 1, 2013

Time Flies : Week 49


But we were so darn busy that I apparently didn't have a spare moment to take any photos.  We have been getting ready to spend a week with Ben's family, and preparing our house for visitors has been no small feat.  It will be so great to have everyone together, especially since Olivia will be meeting the LA Scotts for the first time!  She just started standing up by herself, and is still a little wobbly.  I checked out some library books for her, which was also a first for this week.  It was really more for my sake since I am so tired of reading  reciting ours!

We dressed her up in her birthday suit....and took pictures with her and Hank.
Her party theme is  "Hank"...
I will post those, eventually, I hope!
While reading the "Olivia" books, she gets a kick out of hearing her name over and over again!

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