Monday, June 25, 2012

Time Flies: Week 9

Surprise!!  We made it through the ninth week.  Here are some highlights:

Baby O loves her bathtime!!
We have to keep it special by only doing it every once in a blue moon ;)

The best part about this week was:
  • Aunt Seebee came for a surprise visit and staying at Granny's house for a whole day!
Some things we've learned:
  • Wearing a snap on one piece romper to the doctors office is like wearing a sundress to try on clothes: so much easier.
  • She is the size of a 4.5 month old...
  • Home remedies for a cough: steamy shower, push fluids and even a small amount-were talkin an ounce- of water (although o hated it--haha), the snot sucker proceeded with saline.
Some things we've learned the hard way:
  • Make sure all the pieces to the bottle are intact before administering to child.  (Ben's lesson)
Olivia loves:
  • Listening to Pop give piano lessons.
  • Her Great Grandma Nina!
  • Hearing her Daddy talk and sing.
Olivia surprised us when:
  • She registered 95th percentile for weight (12.8 lbs) and off the charts for height (24.75 inches) for her age.  Biggest surprise: Head is normal!  Go ahead girl!

Little Big O at her two month checkup.
Cuddling with Aunt Seebee at Yobe!
This will never, ever, ever get old.

Our first (successful) morning walk in the Baby Bjorn.  Which happened only because we realized you aren't supposed to shove the baby down into the tiny crevice.  The two buttons on the top are actually designed to release, allowing the baby to fit easily inside without trauma.  Imagine that.

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