Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You Had A Visitor

FYI this will not be the most entertaining post for most people...

I tried to remember to take a picture of all of her visitors, but I definitely missed quite a few.  
I wanted to post this so we would have all of these in one place!

Aunt PT & Uncle Eli


Granny Scott

Aunt Amanda & Uncle Micah

Aunt Emily


Uncle Corey

Uncle Buddy

BFF Lidia

The Forbes Clan

Micah, Will, Jill, Heath, Lidia, and Will

April and Robert

Aunt Seebee

Aunt Seebee

Ella and Olivia Meet for the first time

Aunt Becky

Grammy, Grampy, and Aunt Becky

Cousin Sophie

Pop Pop Scott

Ella & Olivia

Ella & Olivia

Ella & Olivia

Ella & Olivia

Mrs. Gwen

Amy & Max


Aunt Sally & Abbey

Phillip and Sanders

Several of us cried when Sanders hugged her...

Karey, Amelia,  James, and Phillip



Alex, Dan, and Ryan (The guys at work minus John!), who also appear to be matching...

Brooks and Ben

Aimee and Aaron


Chris (Love this pic, by the way!)
Aunt Tam

I know there are a ton that I'm missing, if you have a picture of you meeting her for the first time, please share!

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