Thursday, August 9, 2012

Time Flies : Week 15

Surprise!! We made it through week fifteen. Here are some highlights:

After a short and not-so-sweet stroller ride.

The best part about this week was:
  • She started squealing when she's happy or trying to talk.  Ben cannot handle it.  I love it.  Loud=Love.
Some things we've learned:
  • At 10 pm she typically starts melting down.
  • I don't think I will ever feel rested again!  And I only have one kid!
  • Girl loves the olympics.  Her favorites are swimming and beach volleyball.  I think she will end up playing field hockey though.
Some things we've learned the hard way:
  • Be home by 10 pm.
Olivia loves:
  • Her walker
  • Sophie the giraffe
  • Her new Playtex Nurser bottle
  • Thursday nights with Aunt PT

Looking out the window to the front porch and seeing this will never, ever get old.
During beach volleyball.
During swimming.
Wearing her fish bowl shirt in honor of Team USA swimming!  And our friend Callie!
Out for Mexican on her last day with Ella, holding hands and sitting with Grampy.
She has a few rare cuddles left for us.
My sweets.

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