Monday, September 3, 2012

Time Flies: Week 19

Week nineteen flew by, as they all seem to do nowadays.  We enjoyed a three-day weekend, and had the last of the easy feeding times for Olivia.  She is so aware of her surroundings, loves to stand in her walker and "space gym"...definitely does NOT enjoy laying down in our arms anymore!

Watching the chicks at Grammy and Grampy's house.
We had to break out her Halloween garb a little early, this six month outfit is for the birds!
Loving her new space gym, on loan from Ella.
Enjoying the front porch sittin' on her first Labor Day.
Olivia (4.5 months) and Lydia (11 months).  Who happen to be about the same size!
Hangin with Mommy on her day off.
Friday night family night at Target!  She would rather be at home..ha!
One of my favorite photos so far...Ben gets her chatty in a matter of seconds.

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