Monday, September 17, 2012

Time Flies: Week 21

Week 21 brought more excitement with the introduction of carrots.  She still has yet to roll over, which is totally fine by us!  She went to her first birthday party for her BFF Lydia, but fell asleep after a particularly fussy spell.  Hoping she isn't an early adapter of the "crying at other people's birthday parties" stereotype ;)

She started laughing intentionally this week, which we discovered when Ben was throwing the stick to Hank. Every time he brought it back, O would give a big belly laugh.  She has since started reaching out for him whenever he walks by, and she watches his every move.  We went to the dog park at James Island County Park, where she was entertained by all the chaos.

This girl loves when her mom goes to work so she can be spoiled by Dad!
The BFF's on the way home from the dog park.

Truest friends.
SLAMMED the carrots.
The best kind of nap.
Wearing her frilly pink skirt from her Auntie Aimee and baby animal onesie from her Great Pop-Pop
...which is definitely her favorite outfit.
Does it get any better than a big, gummy smile?
She will stop growing up soon, right?

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