Wednesday, April 11, 2012

40 Weeks Pregnant Means...

"Sunning" at the beach...which gives a whole new meaning to the beached whale look.  

See that lump to the left?  Yeah, those are Baby O's huge buns.  Hips don't lie, girl.

Partaking in the "big nasty pizza" as my boss likes to call it...24" worth of goodness.  

Doused in oregano of course.  Which doesn't work, by they way.

Please pardon the "I've been at work all day" look.  I had been at work all day.

Celebrating freedom in Jesus over Resurrection Day...and the fact that she didn't come on one of Ben's most important days as a musician in a church.

Ben's parents brought Easter dinner to us: Roasted Lamb & made-from-scratch Mint Jelly, Ham, Red Potatoes, Fresh Green Beans, Homemade Rolls...Elizabeth's Famous CHOCOLATE PIE!!!  There was more, I can't even remember it all!  It was such a treat.

Getting the luxe treatment...or painted toenails.  Something I couldn't or wouldn't do myself.  Thanks Nae!

Trying, REALLY trying to keep on the greens.  These are from our most wonderful neighbor, Ms. B.  Her family has a farm in Ridgeville and she shares the best produce with us.  Everyone needs to know Ms. B!  (And to the left, we have the red raspberry leaf tea.  To the right, the chilled Gatorades, ready to take to the Birth Center!)

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  1. that belly pic is INCREDIBLE. push that thing out already!!