Friday, April 6, 2012

Sprucing up the Train Case

I discovered this train case at the Habitat ReStore a while back for $5.  It is just like one my grandma has, which is how it caught my eye.  It wasn't in the best shape on the inside, but I figured I could attempt to dress it up somehow.  I knew I wanted to keep books in it for now, so I decided that I could leave the inside as-is. 

While I was out getting materials for the Hanging Chalk Tags, I ran through the scrapbook paper section to grab some impromptu "matting" for the prints I needed to hang.  This circus paper caught my eye--clown free and full of rich colors that fit right into her nursery.  I didn't know what I could use it for, but at a quarter per sheet, I couldn't leave it behind.

On the way home, I remembered the train case.  The scrapbook sheets are 12 x 12, so I knew I'd have to do a little patchwork...but it was definitely worth the try.

I got started by taking some scrap paper and fitting it inside the top of the case in order to make a template.  Much easier than measuring, especially with the rounded edges.

I removed the paper and trimmed off the excess, and then traced around it onto a piece of cardboard, which was actually from the frames.

Once I cut out the cardboard, I inserted it snugly into the top of the case, just to be sure it fit.  

You can also get a good glimpse inside the case---I'll get to that eventually.

Finally, I traced the cardboard template onto the back of the scrapbook paper, trimmed the edges, and adhered it with tape.  Probably not the best way to do it, but I like to work with what's on hand.  And by the time it falls off in a few years, we will be ready to change things up anyhow.


There were about two inches of space that the paper didn't cover, so I just patched it together in two different spots to try to match as seamlessly as possible.  It's circus paper!  And therefore totally appropriate that the zebra's head is coming out of the sideways tiger feet.  Please tell me you wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't pointed it out?

Is there anything you could do with scrapbook paper, besides scrapbook?  It is so affordable, and there are so many styles and varieties, I will definitely be keeping that in mind for future projects.

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