Friday, April 6, 2012

Little Nursery Projects...Done and Done!

We have all but completed Baby O's nest.  We are waiting for a few more things to arrive in the mail, and then I will have a finished product to share!

For now, I will fill you in with three super simple projects that took about an hour total for each.

1.  Hanging Chalk Tags
2.  Sprucing up the Train Case
3.  Framing 101

Actually, I will post these all separately so they will be easier to find later.  Four in one day!  I am also halfway working today--I usually take Good Friday off, but with the baby coming, I couldn't afford to take the whole day.  I am trying desperately to stay as caught-up as possible!

ALSO, we are going to continue a Good Friday tradition this evening...stay tuned for that.  Hopefully you will hear from me tomorrow.  It is probably too late for most of you to get in on the tradition with us, and you'll see why when I post!

PS-We went to the beach yesterday after I got off work, for about 45 minutes before small group.  Today we have a high of 61.  This is NOT a complaint!

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