Friday, July 20, 2012

Milner's Magical Pot Roast

Pot Roast isn't one of those romantical fancy pants dishes.  It just isn't.  It's a down home, meaty bowl of fill-your-belly.  I had never elected to make Pot Roast, until the fateful girls' night when Milner pulled out all the stops and served us her Magical Pot Roast.

It is unbelievably easy.  I dug out a bunch of old stuff that had been lurking in my pantry and fridge for a little too long, and mixed it together for a marinade...

...added some fresh squeezed orange juice and gave it a stir.

I made enough to cover both pieces of roast, since Costco sells it packaged in twos.  You can see that I froze one in the marinade, and put the other in a bowl to soak covered overnight.

When the time comes to make the real magic happen, we simply mix a packet of Ranch, French Onion dip, and Italian seasonings in a cup or so of water.  I didn't have the Italian on hand so I used actual salad dressing.

Plop it on top of a bed of veggies and turn it to low for 8 hours.

I only used carrots, but I highly recommend adding onion.  It may also be beneficial to add a little more water and cook some potatoes as well.

Test the carrots a few hours in; remove and set aside in the fridge when cooked.  I would have also done the same for the potatoes, and then mashed them.  They would have soaked in a lot of flavor while cooking alongside the roast.  Fifteen minutes before you are ready to devour, add the carrots back in and they will heat up nicely.

I used instant mashers (which my husband detests...we grew up on those things) and then ladled the meat and lots of juice right on top.  I cannot understand why I was ever intimidated to make a pot roast, it was one of the easiest start to finish meals I have done in a long time.


  1. i cannot believe you use garlic from a jar!!

    1. you'd better believe it!! always have it on hand sister.

  2. YUMMMM!!! Although you can cook the carrots the whole time and they will still be fine, or just add them when there is only a few hours left of cook time. And yes, I would add more water depending on your crockpot. Your crockpot doesn't look as shallow as mine. Yours looks so tasty!!

    1. that is so much smarter. put the carrots in at the end. duh!!