Monday, July 23, 2012

Time Flies : Week 13

Surprise!! We made it through the thirteenth week. Here are some highlights:

My two greatest loves in this world!
The best part about this week was:
  • Hearing her talk.  All.  The.  Time.  Ben says we have a chatterbox on our hands.
Some things we've learned:
  • We still don't know anything.
  • She is super obsessed with TV.  We are trying to be really careful, so many times we don't even realize she is watching.  (Its supposed to screw up their brain development...whatever.)
Some things we've learned the hard way:
  • Saying goodbye to Daddy was really hard.
Olivia loves:
  • Standing, with some assistance of course.
  • Talking, like I said.
  • FaceTiming with Daddyo (probably because it is a lit up screen with moving things).
Olivia surprised us when:
  • It seemed as if she was grooving to the beat of Hillsong Kids.  Probably just a coincidence!  Although rhythm is undoubtably in her blood, we think its a wee too premature!

Unbelievably adorable carseat photo #1.
Unbelievably adorable carseat photo #2.
And while mommy is watching Make It Or Break It and diaper changing,
Baby is also glued to the most amazing show of all time.
When having fat rolls is not only acceptable but encouraged.
What a beaut.  
Our circus bathtime acrobatics routine.
Baby and her lovie.


  1. She is so stinkin' precious!

    1. thanks amy!!! we are patiently waiting for your big day!!!!!!