Monday, July 16, 2012

Time Flies: Week 12

Surprise!! We made it to the twelfth week. Here are some highlights:

What's not to love?  Arm rolls?  Ruffles?  Bald patch?  Ginger baby hair?
The best part about this week was:
  • Spending lots of time in the backyard.
Some things we've learned:
  • We think she favors her left hand.  Does anybody know how early you can tell? 
  • We need to get ceiling fans--girl loves a nice spinning object here or there.
Some things we've learned the hard way:
  • Saying goodbye to Daddy this week is going to be tough tough tough.  He hasn't been gone since her birth, not even for a night.
Olivia loves:
  • Water
  • Her purple ruffle dress from Elliott's mom
  • Sitting up in her seats
Olivia surprised us when:
  • She began to love her swing La-Z-Girl again.
Lounging in the backyard.  New favorite pastime.
Tired out after accompanying mommy to her work lunch.  Being career women isn't easy.
Will there be strollers in heaven?

And...time to take all of her blankets and friends out of the crib.
Not quite sure about this Sophie impostor.
Poor soul.  Those mosquitoes took her for a walk.

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  1. she is so beautiful. i see you all over her face. i cannot believe she is 12 weeks already. stop this train!