Thursday, March 15, 2012

36 Weeks Pregnant Means...

Celebrating Hank's 5th Birthday.  We aren't fancy though, we both forgot until we were eating dinner, and I threw him a few sweet potato fries since he's made it 5 long years, 3 and a half of those living the bachelor life with Ben.  

That deserves some type of recognition, right?

Cleaning out more drawers, and finding gems like this.  I wish it could transport me back to those truly carefree days...going to Six Flags after school most days...the life!!

Bringing Spring inside, because our Creator is just incredible! 

Upping my vitamin regimen since we are down to the final four weeks.  
Midwives are serious about prevention. 

Packing the diaper bag.  Not packing our bag.  Sitting it by the door.  Not taking the tags off.  How much sense are we making at this point?  

It is just a practice run, we are praying she will hibernate for another 4 weeks!  Although I still can't shake the thought of running around with violent contractions trying to find the gatorade I bought 2 months ago.  

Yeah, we may need to finish packing.

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