Friday, March 30, 2012

Vacation...All I Ever Wanted.

Hi.  I'm Maribeth, and I'm addicted to vacations.  

They don't need to be extravagant, or lengthy, or too far from home.  They just need to be a time out from the daily grind.

At the risk of sounding like a total snob, I never realized how blessed we were as kids, and even as adults, to be able to see so much of the world.  This was before car repairs set us back a year's salary (it feels like!) and babygirl came to be.  Now I completely understand how precious and incredible each second of those vacations were!  Naturally, having acclimated to such lovely traditions, I have a built-in radar that lets me know when I am overdue.  It works quite nicely.

Unless you're living on a budget.  Like, an extreme budget. You see, we are trying hard to kick our debt.  And every sacrifice is worth it to us; rinsing off aluminum foil and using cloth napkins instead of paper, not buying new clothes or shoes, and even switching Hank to the cheap dog food (I know, I know!) are little things that are adding up to help us conquer what we owe.  WE CAN'T WAIT TO BE OUT OF DEBT!!!!  Okay.

Keeping all of that in mind, lets add a new baby to the equation.  Easy math.

And....I have a secret. 

We aren't going on vacation.

But I am trying to trick myself into thinking that the packing lunch for roadtrips and the strolling through antiquated junk shops and the carefree feeling of just being on vacation, can be mine for one easy payment of $65!

That's right!

We had some more leftover Christmas money from Grandma that we had stashed away for our vacation fund, crossing our fingers that "our ship would come in," as Ben loves to say.  We didn't actually play or win the lotto, and Ben didn't get picked up by Justin Beiber to drum for his world tour, so sadly, that money made up our vacation fund in its entirety. 

I'm pretty sure this idea was God-inspired.  We are going to buy a County Park Pass!  Our county offers three parks at the beach, which translates into free parking, bathrooms, etc., as well as three other great parks in the area.  They also include free admission to six big festivals.  It's not Tahiti or anything, but I am determined to make the best of it.  Rest assured, I am planning on getting my money's worth, and you guys will hear all about it!

I am going to transport myself to another world during the 15 minute car-ride to the beach or park.  I am going to pack a bag so I feel like it is a real trip.  I am going to take snacks in case we get stranded on the side of the road (which will probably happen--ha!).  I am going to enjoy every second of relaxation, even if it isn't a "real vacation".

For now, I am reminiscing our trip to Disney last fall for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon.  Ran my first half at 13 weeks pregnant, and then sludged around Disney for the next three days like a dummy.  

Ben's most favorite part of Epcot.  He immediately regretted it.
We used to find an awesome condo for the week.  Major savings!
This is also when we announced our pregnancy to the whole wide world via this awkward pose.
This isn't from the same trip but I just think it is cute that Hank travels like a human.

Have fantastic weekend everybody!  What are ya'll doing to save money on vacation this year?


  1. Getting a park pass is a good idea! We used our friend's pass today to go to the park at Kiawah. It was great and did feel like a few hours of vacation, especially when we walked around Freshfields afterwards.

    1. Ooh! Freshfields is such a good idea. I have never been to the Kiawah park. But that is probably the one that would feel most like a vacation since it is so far away and the drive is so beautiful!! Hope ya'll are well!!

  2. that baby announcement pic should be immediately sent to and i mean that as a compliment! : ) hilarious. we love getting a charlestowne landing pass... i think it's like $35. so yeah, that's how we vacation, too. and a half at 13 weeks? whoa. you go, mama!

    1. girl. awkward doesn't even cut it. lol!