Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Couponing Success Story

I had all but fallen off the couponing bandwagon.  After my midwife warned me that I should eat no carbs, as in "...your gender reveal party this weekend?  Don't even go near the cake...", it was a lot easier for me to hit Costco once a week and load LOAD up on produce to keep me going.  The temptations weren't as great to grab a pack of Oreos, unless I wanted a 50 pack of Oreos.

Alas, I have shattered my weight-gaining goals in a good way, and I was told I had two days a week to eat whatever I want.

Re-enter strange couponing habit.

I found this bread at Publix for less than a buck with coupons.  It is delicious.  My husband likes it.  And they are small with two in a pack, so it is the perfect amount for us to split a loaf when we are indulging.  

When I saw the bread in real life, I noticed it had real butter in between each slice.  REAL BUTTER!  Not margarine or weird hydrogenated stuff.

Many people look down on couponing because they say you can only find coupons for junk.  They are mostly correct.  But we are back to couponing so I can get our essentials for next to nothing, and be able to afford lots of extra produce and better quality groceries.  To me, its a win win.  

Is anyone else's toaster oven as foul and caked-up with junk as ours?  The sad thing is, our real oven is even nastier.  Yesterday both upstairs and downstairs fire alarms went off when I opened the oven door.  Someone may have made a pie and let the drippings, well, pour into the bottom of the oven a few weeks ago, a la something like this.  

Happy Wednesday!

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