Sunday, March 18, 2012

In The Making

My husband is a thinker.  He likes to plan.  Take his time.  Check, and then double check.  To me, the way he does things is typically at an excruciating pace.  He is slow to start, slow to finish.

I could learn a few things from him.  

You see, he likes to be in the making.  He enjoys the process, the making sure things are correct and well suited.  In my hurried, constant state of "what's next?!?!", I am realizing this process that I so the same process that compiles into life.

I am convinced that God has been working on my lack of patience for many years now.  It manifests itself in every area of my life...everything needs to be just so.  Everything has its place.  Everything needs to hurry up and be complete, so we can move on to the next thing.  And the next thing.  And the next....well, thing.

The closet is a wreck.  The built-in isn't finished.  Her things aren't in their places.  If she arrived today, I would be awfully embarrassed.  I want so desperately to be able to take pictures of her little nest, put them in her baby book, and know that we are ready now.  We have had 9 months to prepare!

Yes, prepare.  Preparation is the process.  It is the making of.  The getting ready for.  There is so much to learn during the process of life.  Why am I here?  Why did God make me for this era, for this season, for this day?  What is my purpose?  Where do I stand?

When I think about my little life in comparison to what God has in store, well, THAT is embarrassing!

Instead of mulling about, pouting that I can't cross things off my list...I am choosing, today, to celebrate this...I will enjoy and seek to learn what I can while in the making.

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