Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I used to have a fear of Greek food. My dear husband introduced me to our now favorite restaurant, Continental Corner when we were first dating, and I have never looked back.  I don't know what it is about certain cultural foodgroups (aka Indian Food) that still terrifies me, I think I need to go and try it with someone who is experienced and willing to point me away from the spicy stuff.

All of that to say, we couldn't possibly miss the Greek Festival, regardless of the pending downpour not so friendly skies, well really the pending downpour plus three week old, pending downpour, plus three week old, plus Mothers Day.  Confused?  So am I.  Let's move on.

I went to the Charlotte Greek Festival with my college BFF, Aimee, way too many years ago.  I had a chicken pita, which I distinctly remember to this day.  I also recall gaggles of people and really fantastic Greek dancers.  The Charleston Greek Festival is a bit smaller-scaled, but all of the essentials are accounted for nonetheless.

First of all, those of you with kids know that when traveling, they require a literal caravan of things to make life "easier".  Ben is Mr. Efficiency Packer.  This does not please him.

As we got off the shuttle, a very nice lady handed me these two tickets!  Mothers get in free on Mothers Day, so we passed on the other ticket to Ben's dad when he arrived.  An extra three bucks saved for more Greek Food?  Score!  OPA!

After his parents arrived, we got right down to business.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just the Gyro and fries.  Probably not very Greek-like, but whatever.

How you doin' Baklava Sundae?  Don't let the two spoons fool you, I didn't share much.  Ben's dad ate a measly two bites and I devoured the rest.  Oops.  OPA!

Enter Greek pastries.  Eat Greek pastries.  Actually, I was too stuffed to go there, but I hear they were remarkable.

Finish it off with a really terrible picture of the Greek dancers, and a little baby oogling, and we packed up and headed home to try to beat the rain.

Which made for one tired set of parents, and one wide awake child.  OPA!

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  1. I love the look on Mr. Scott's face when he's looking at Olivia. Btw: I could totally take you out for Indian and tell you the 'safe' foods to eat :)