Sunday, May 6, 2012

Restaurant Remarks...Music Man BBQ

Back when we still had adventure running through our blood, Ben and I used to do "fun" things like each taking turns saying "turn right" or "turn left" until we reached someplace suitable to stop and explore.  I think this idea may have originally been my Dad's, I can't recall.  One fortuitous night we ended up at Music Man BBQ in Moncks Corner, SC.  

Oh.  Dear.

Did I mention it is all-you-can-eat?  Say no more.  Also, this was my husband's plate (you'll understand why in a moment).

We have been back plenty of times since.  I think the price has gone up to $9.95 a plate, including a drink.  

I'll start off with a quick chat about the things I stay away from...

Pork rinds.  Fried pork skin.  No thanks.

Hash.  I tried to find a definition to help explain what exactly goes on inside of hash, but after many searches left me scratching my head, I remembered why I don't eat it in the first place.

My lovely dinner guests for the evening included my brother Jason, our friend Rachel Wallace (Miss Wallace), and Ben of course.  You can see the ambiance isn't the most glamorous, but it sure screams BBQ Buffet.

Jamie Oliver couldn't say anything ugly about my plate.  It includes colors other than shades of brown and it is a sensible portion (for a second plate).  

Speaking of my plate, let's consult Obama.

Veggies=Green Beans
Fruit=Yams (Work with me)
Bread Pudding=Dairy

Just as I thought--we're good!

My favorite thing about Music Man is the roasted chicken.  It has that smokey red tint and the perfect ratio of juiciness to flavor.  Their fried chicken can't be beat, although they ran out as we were going through the line which was quite disappointing.  Bread pudding at Music Man is rich, sweet, and substantial.  I don't like soggy bread pudding, and this is the furthest thing from it.

Ben's two favorite things in edible life are Chocolate Milk and Mac-n-Cheese.  Even he says their mac is a little too cheesy.  Believe me, that's extreme cheese.

Let's talk about those yams.  I am fully aware that they are more processed than recycled sneakers, but to me they are pure nostalgia.  My Grandma always made them for us, and since my mom never would (now I can assume her reasoning) they were truly a special treat.  These taste just like Grandma's, buttery and brown sugary.  Bring it on.

The actual BBQ is one of my favorites around, although their sauces aren't my first choice.  Like I said, I focus on the chicken.  

They boast a full line-up, just from memory I can name:

Hash & Rice
Fried Chicken
Roasted Chicken
Green Beans
Hush Puppies (Usually)
Cole Slaw
Potato Salad
Bread Pudding
Chocolate Pudding
Banana Pudding

I know there are things I am missing...but all of the vitals are accounted for.

It is a real drive from Charleston, but I'd recommend it for sure.  Their hours aren't typical, so be sure to verify before you make the trek.

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  1. girl. the first time i went to one of these joints i was sorta mortified. it was a lot for this california girl to try to understand. ha! i'm with you, no thank you hash. way to go making Obama proud. you know that makes me proud. ; ) i see Rach in your pic! she and i go way back! we were high school besties. : )